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  • This Shopify webstore is created only for CMON Asia Pacific Virtual Expo 2020 Event.
  • The event feature lives discussion panels, interviews, product releases and updates, both from CMON and CMON Asia Distributed Products in Asia.


  • Our streams are free to watch at the following channel:
  • Should the video not load in the microsite, streaming will continue via CMON Asia FB Page and CMON Expo FB page


  • There is a total of 3 channels in this event: Main Channel, Play Channel, and Learn Channel.
    • Main Channel: CMON Programmes, Raffle Draw
    • Play Channel: FREE Live Play and demo sessions for the public in Tabletopia.
    • Learn Channel: Live painting session and sharing of painting techniques.


  • Participants who pre-register before 7th August 2020 2359hrs GMT+8 will stand to receive a CMON Raffle Draw ticket.
  • The first raffle ticket is free and additional tickets can be purchased for US$5.00


  • Using the registered account, participants can add the desired date and timeslot to the cart and checkout.
  • All sessions are conducted free of charge.
  • To ensure that every participant gets a chance to play at the table, we are limiting to 1 game per participant.
  • All CMON Play Virtual Tables will be conducted in English and on Tabletopia. No installation of any additional software required.
  • Tested to work browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.


  • Participants will have to join the public holding area via Zoom.
  • In Zoom, Participant need not have their video or voice enabled.
  • All participants will be put into a public holding area where the Admin will split the participants into the breakout rooms. They will be pre-assigned prior to the event.
  • CMON Legion Crew and admin can kick any aberrant users at any time from the table and room should they conduct themselves in a disorderly manner.
  • When in the breakout rooms, the CMON Legion Crew will share with the members of their room with the link to join the table in Tabletopia.
  • 10 minutes before the session ends, the admin will send a mass message to all the breakout rooms to inform the CMON Legion crew that the session is ending.


  • Product sales will be made with using Shopify, and payment via credit card.
  • All products will be consolidated and shipped to the regional hub partners and sent directly to consumers from there for free.
  • Should the customer request for expedited shipping, we will have that option made available to be shipped out directly from CMON China warehouse at the customer’s cost.
  • Due to the rights of certain products, all Swag bags are only available to sell in Asia.
  • All offers on CMON Expo will end on Monday, 10th August 2020 at 2359.


  • There is a total of 4 categories to participate in:
    • A song of Ice and Fire: TMG
    • Single Figure*
    • Chibi Style*
    • Try Hard* – Fully painted Core Box 

      *Figure selected must be from CMON Distributed product range.
  • All entries must be submitted by 16 August 2020 2359hrs. Any submission later than that will not be accepted.
  • Entries must not have been shown online or in print media, or announced as winners, in another competition or exhibition. Entries must not have been published in any professional or commercial media, either print or online, including but not limited to hobby magazines, manufacturer catalogues, advertisements, box art, or gaming materials such as character cards and rule books.
  • There is a limit of 1 entry per entrant, per category.
  • The miniature must be photographed in accordance to the following: 300 DPI, JPEG Format, 2000x3000file size.
  • File size not more than 1MB per picture
  • Take 5 pictures of the miniature
  • Background must be either black or white only

Time period:
Opening for Submission: 31 July 2020
Closing date for Submission: 16 August 2020

Closing date for voting: 21 August 2020

Review and announcement of winners: 23 August 2020 1500hrs – 1700hrs


  • Voting will open on Saturday, 8th August 2020 1030hrs GMT+8, and close on Monday, 10th August 2020, 2359hrs GMT+8.
  • Entrants will not be identified during Internet voting.
  • The order of the appearance of entries will be rotated on the web page.
  • Only registered members of the CoolMiniOrNot forums may vote. Registration is free.
  • Internet voting scores will be used as a tiebreaker in the event if there is a tie.


  • 50% of scores will come from the internet votes, and 50% from the panel of judges.
  • The submitted miniatures will be judged by a pre-selected panel of judges.
  • The combined final scores will determine the winner within each category.
  • In the unlikely event of a tie, the panel of judges have the power to break the tie and determine ranking. If judges cannot reach a consensus or a majority vote, the head judge has the power to make the final ruling.


  • Each entry will be evaluated on either two or three main criteria, depending on category.
  • For all categories, Technical Quality and Artistic Quality will bear equal weight.


  • To contact us, please send your enquiries to Asiaevents@cmon.com